Deluxe Plus Tennis Tee


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This tee has a body of steel, to weather years of abuse from the most destructive force a tennis pro will ever face – an eight-year-old with a tennis racquet and three cheering friends.

Seriously, though.

This unit’s a game-changer. Almost anyone can hit a ball floating in midair without a second thought. Give an aspiring tennis player some quality time with the Hit Zone, and just watch the improvements:

  • To focus.
  • To hand-eye coordination.
  • To confidence, in practice and in matches.

And, just maybe, your juniors will burn off more energy hitting balls than they do showboating for their friends.

Wanna talk power? How about a 950-watt, 1.3-PHP, 12-volt motor that produces 85 CFM? Comes with a 12-foot grounded power cord.

Includes these accessories:

  • TC plate
  • 2 foam balls
  • 1 fabric sleeve w/hose clamp