Tennis Tower


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Tennis Tower was designed for home courts and facilities with available electric power.

In addition to all the standard features, and remote control, the Professional Player model includes Player Mode™ . Player Mode simulates the shot patterns of real players, and is described below.

The Professional Player model also includes a pre-programmed two-line function. At the touch of a button, the two-line function shoots balls to two preset positions. This helps an instructor work with two lines of students in a group lesson, or allows a single player to practice alternating forehand and backhand shots. There are actually two 2-line settings to select from, ‘2-line narrow’ or ‘2-line wide’, depending on your preference for spacing of the two positions.

We’ll cover you.

No matter which Tennis Tower you choose, we’ve got you covered – with a sturdy, made-to-fit all-weather cover that keeps out rain, snow and curious little fingers.

Three-year warranty.

A three-year warranty covers every new Tennis Tower ball machine for both parts and labor. Extended warranties available.

Four models, for a near-custom configuration.

And with four Tennis Tower models to choose from, you can get the combination of features that best meets your needs – without investing in the ones you don’t.

Competitor Classic

Comes with every standard feature except spin control.


Includes all the standard features including spin control.


Adds a 2-button wireless remote control that lets you start and stop ball delivery and control the side-to-side position of the ball throws.

 Professional Player

Adds PLAYER MODE (a.k.a. Match Play Mode™)

With the push of just one button, the Professional Player model (Patented) simulates a player on the other side of the net.

Just push one of the three level buttons – Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced – and the Professional Player model automatically picks an appropriate speed and spin. Then it changes both the side-to-side position and the depth of shots as if you were playing someone of that ability.

Let’s say that again: The side-to-side position and depth of each shot don’t just change randomly, or in a sweeping motion. Instead, Tennis Tutor has written software that emulate the shot patterns of real players.

For instance, beginning players will see more shots towards the middle of the court, and more variation in shot depth, than advanced players will.

And you’re not stuck with just the standard settings – you can make them your own. Add or subtract speed as you like. Vary the spin. Or adjust the ball elevation to help you practice high volleys; low, dig-it-out half-volleys; or anything in between.

Tennis Tower Professional Player with Multifunction Remote

The Multi-function Remote controls all the functions of the Tennis Tower Professional Player – just like you were using the actual control panel. In fact, the button layout on the Multi-function remote mirrors exactly the one on the machine’s control panel, so there’s nothing new to learn. And every time you press a button on the Multi-function Remote, your Tennis Tower will beep to let you know it got the signal.


Ball capacity: 225 Balls

Trajectories: Groundstroke to Lob

Ball ejection speed: 10-85 MPH

Ball feed rate: 1 1/2 to 10 seconds

Spin Control: Topspin/Underspin

Oscillator: Built-in

Dimensions: 44″H x 23″L x 22″W

Weight: 65 pounds

Power: 100 watts maximum

Specifications subject to change without notice.

 Models & Prices

Tower Classic -$1,395

Tennis Tower – $1,645

Tennis Tower Player -$2,045

Tennis Tower Player w/ 2 btn remote $2,245

Professional Player w/Multi remote – $2,445