The Volley


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The PLAYMATE PORTABLE SERIES is the only do-it-yourself (DIY) upgradeable, battery-powered ball machine in the world. The PORTABLE SERIES has been redesigned to be light-weight, convenient to charge, and easy to use. Upgrades include a commercial remote control system and a 2-line oscillator with random.

With PLAYMATE, you call the shots!


Choose from 2 models. Start with the Half Volley and slowly upgrade or select the fully-loaded Volley!

The Volley comes loaded with all this, standard;

Non-memory, Removable Battery-Pack System (4-6hr)

SMART Charger

Holds 200 Balls

Variable Electronic Ball Speed and Feed Rate

Variable Topspin & Backspin

Commercial Pitching Wheels Pitch All Balls (Old OR New)

Manual Height Control

Integrated, Sliding Ball Hopper

Aircraft Aluminum Construction

2-Year Limited Warranty


The Half Volley offers all of the rugged dependability of a PLAYMATE in an affordable and upgradeable package.



Simple Point-And-Shoot Design

Weighs just 42 lbs*


DIY UPGRADES (sold separately)

2-Line Oscillator

Remote Control

The Volley comes loaded with all of the options.