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About Tennis Machines

Since 1934, Tennis Machines has been servicing and repairing ball machines and stringing machines
from every major brand in the industry.

Core Values


We’ve been in business since 1935, so we know every machine inside and out. Whether you’re the owner of a large club, or a personal backyard court, we’ll pair you with the right machine to fit your needs. Our team of machine technicians and salesmen have over 100 years combined experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in being The Experts in everything Tennis Machines.

Customer Services

We know that your machines are an integral part of your business, so we make sure you get the parts or repair done quickly and accurately. With the exception of a few very economical models, machines are a significant capital investment, with major effects on a facility’s bottom line. We’re happy to walk you through the process and help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

Our History

In 1934 Edmund Serrano invented the first stringing machine, calling it the Seranno NO AWL Stringer. The NO AWL was a drop weight machine with moveable clamps which made stringing significantly easier and more efficient. The machine was so popular it was shipped worldwide. In the midst of WWII, the machine and it’s parts became scarce due to the war effort. However, soon after the war, sales boomed and Tennis Machines began to ship worldwide once again.

Serrano is also credited with building one of the first tennis ball machines, “The Tennis Robot”.

With the advent of crank tension machines in the 70’s and less need for the drop weight machines, Tennis Machines started to shift more towards a service oriented repair business, but still manufactured and sold the original Serrano. In 1988, Jim Henry bought the business and by 1989 built the last 8 Serrano machines. He took TM in the direction of customer friendly, informative, and service oriented business. Jim hired J.C. Carpentier in 1993 and he quickly became his lead technician. J.C. has worked on everything from the 1934 Serrano NO AWL, to today’s modern electric Prince 7000. In 2000, TM became the official warranty/repair/parts/service provider for Prince North & South America. In 2016 TM partnered with String-n-Swing Tennis to also become the exclusive distributor of all Prince Stringing Machines.