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Alpha Axis Pro

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This machine comes loaded with great upgrades, starting with its new fast-swivel base system. Plus …

Ergonomic upgrades make the work easier on the body and faster to deliver.

  • Sturdy, adjustable-height machine stand puts the stringer at just the right level for your most petite student staffer $ndash; or that six-four pro who just came off the ATP tour – and everyone in between. For an even more custom work area, the machine itself has adjustable level pads!
  • Convenient, attached metal tool tray keeps string and supplies handy (like the includedstringing tools). No more stepping away in the middle of a job to grab something across the room!
  • Wide-stretch, six-point MSR mounting system rotates a full 360°, so everyone – short, tall, big or small – can reach every part of the racquet head without bending or twisting into uncomfortable positions.
  • Crank tension mechanism comes with a reversible handle. So whether your folks are left-handed or right-handed, they’ll string more racquets, more comfortably, in a standard shift.

Performance upgrades deliver pro-shop quality – even if the nearest pro shop is in another state.

The Axis Pro’s linear string gripper features diamond-dusted DDS clamps that grip tight and won’t let go until you’re ready to move on.

Then, precision mechanics deliver quick, controlled release at just the right time, in the right position, so you don’t lose tension in those critical transition steps. So, no frustrating do-overs when the racquet is coming off the machine.

Standard, with every Alpha machine:

A comprehensive operating manual to answer your questions about setup, operation and maintenance. And a five-year limited warranty.

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