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Tourna Crank Stringing Machine

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Now even a smaller facility can offer a Tourna string job and still turn a profit.

This manual Tourna, the 300-CS, packs quality features into an affordable analog package. Here’s just part of what you’ll get with this efficient performer:
  • A six-point, self-leveling mounting system means you can actually get started on the job after the first time you mount the racquet in the machine.
  • Spring-loaded tension winder keeps things tight, from the first second you thread that new string into the first hole until you tie off the ends and mark the job ready for billing.
  • A single knob lets you adjust that big metal sidearm into the perfect position for you and the racquet you’re working on, for the smoothest job you can do on a manual machine.
  • Five-tooth, slim-profile, dual-action swivel clamps rotate into position for whatever stage of the job you’re on and out of the way when you need the space clear.
  • Don’t be fooled by how easily the clamps lock to the table. They’ll hold tight – that machine isn’t going anywhere until the job is done.
  • And because the other folks who string in your operation aren’t the same height you are, the floor stand’s height adjusts, too – whether to fit four-foot Suzie or six-five Lance.
The 300-CS is even easy to handle when you get it. It ships in a single box that’s just three feet tall and weighs just 64 pounds (less than most Labrador retrievers.)
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