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Tourna Electronic Stringer

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Our latest electronic stringer, the 600ES gives you:
  • True constant-pull tensioning keeps everything consistent. So you turn around racquets as fast as humanly possible, reducing repeated steps in the process to just about nil.
  • Six-point, self-leveling quick-mount system gets racquets on fast so you can get them strung faster.
  • Articulated side arms. Adjust them all to your perfect working angle at the touch of a single knob.
  • Big metal V-shaped side supports. Adjust them to your liking, too, for a more efficient job and a happier back.
  • 5-tooth, slim-profile, dual-action swivel clamps rotate into and out of the positions you need.
  • Six pull speeds match the strength, height and style of every staffer who strings.
  • Electronic functions let you keep your favorite knots and pre-stretches in memory as you work, automating some of the most time-consuming parts of the process.
  • Because you only have two hands, the included foot pedal lets you control basic operations without letting go of the racquet or the string for a second.
  • And because you’re not the only person who strings racquets in your operation, we made sure you can adjust the height to fit whoever’s on duty: short, tall or in-between.
Please note: The unit ships in two boxes. The dimensions you see on the order form are a combination of the two, with the longest length of a side shown. The other box will be shorter on that dimension.
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